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CESIOM - Logiciels de conception et de dessin sous autocad


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Spotlight on CESI2D and 3D...

Animation 3D

CESI2D and 3D

Escalier en 3DYes, we are still specialists in work order creation and yes, we also develop various "drafting" tools, for example real 3D Autocad volume models to enable you to create all possible renderings, from the simplest to the most realistic.

3D computer-aided design...

2D Design 3D Rendering

Escalier en hélice. Convinced as we are that working in 2D better suits the needs of metal construction project designers as regards flexibility and speed in modification and design, Cesi2D is still firmly established as the only 2D design and manufacture tool. Not only do we persist in this area, but we are also continuing to develop a number of tools to make design easier, safer and more profitable. Among these tools, use of 3D can be beneficial in certain phases of the study. Significant improvements to 3D Autocad since the 2007 version have made it easier to use and CESIOM has been enhanced by a 3D volume shape generator.

An example of a spiral staircase with central radius

The idea materializes in the mind.


Simple measurements taken on-site are enough to produce the views required for the manufacture in just 5 minutes and a few clicks. In addition, a further click will automatically generate your shape in 3D.

Without any other adjustments, renderings are provided.

Escalier en 3D

With a few extra parameters, such as lighting (sunlight, spotlights, etc.) or adding texture (grating, chequerplate, metals, coverings, materials, etc.) you obtain highly realistic renderings. VueCachee RenduSimple

Examples of textures supplied as standard
[image=376] [image=377] [image=378] [image=379] [image=380] [image=381] [image=382] [image=383] [image=384]

With Autocad and Cesiom, achieve integrations in the site, flat on photos, or in 3D on your client’s block plan.

Other completed 3D projects of stairs and gates

EscalierHelico03 EscalierHelico02 EscalierHelico01 Circulaire01 Portail EscalierDroit

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Spotlight on the 2008 Youth Metal Competition

A motivating training program, a creative boost, a scene of free expression and a powerful tool. These all describe the Youth Metal Competition launched each year by the sponsorship committee.
Convinced as we are of the usefulness of this kind of event as a communication vector for young people, Cesi2D was proud to take part in awarding the many prizes to the competition winners. Some of the winning entries can be seen below:

Prix de l’union des métalliers (niveau V) 1er prix.
Metalworkers’ Union Prize (level V) 1st prize
"Les arts mécaniques" by the CFA BTP Pau (64)

Prix de l’union des métalliers (niveau V) 2e prix.
Metalworkers’ Union Prize (level V) 2nd prize
« Il vaso dell’esplorazione » by the CFA BTP Périgueux (24)

Prix de l’union des métalliers (niveau V) 3e prix.
Metalworkers’ Union Prize (level V) 3rd prize
« Le rhombicuboctaèdre » by the Lycée professionnel Augustin Hébert Evreux (27)

Prix de l’union des métalliers (niveau IV) 1er prix
Metalworkers’ Union Prize (level IV) 1st prize
« Du rêve à la réalité » by the Atelier d’apprentissage of Giraudière Brussieu (69)

Prix de l’union des métalliers (niveau IV) 2e prix.
Metalworkers’ Union Prize (level IV) 2nd prize
« Prélude a la musique des sphères » by the CFA BTP Besançon (25)

Prix de l’union des métalliers (niveau IV) 3e prix.
Metalworkers’ Union Prize (level IV) 3rd prize
« L’obsession du savoir » by the CFA BTP Rueil-Malmaison (92)

Prix partenaires.
Sponsor Prizes
« Evasion » by the AFPA Saint-Nazaire (44)

Prix ArcelorMittal.
The ArcelorMittal Prize
« Le pont des dragons » by the Lycée professionnel Joliot-Curie Oignies (62)

Prix Fondation Excellence SMA.
The SMA Excellence Foundation Prize
« Métamorphose de la terre » by the Lycée professionnel Auguste Perdonnet Thorigny-sur-Marne (77)

Prix spécial du Jury.
Special Jury Prize
« L’éruption du savoir » by the CFA des Compagnons du Devoir Marseille (13)
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